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hello there everyone!! ♡ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ i’ve recently hit 10k followers and i’m sitting here like why omg i don’t deserve all of you. so i decided to make my second follow forever and also include my art blog. i’m happy / surprised that so many of you enjoy what i post. through all the blog styles changes and you still here ;;;; each and every single one of you have been so amazing to me and knowing that my posts and edits make you guys happy is the best feeling in the world. i have to thank all of you above all for keeping up with me and for being the kindest people on earth.

to my dearest followers, my wonderful mutuals, my beautiful friends, you all are surely the reason for my experience on tumblr being so amazing. ♡ //group hug with all my super ultra mega cute followers//

okay so, after my message, here is my 2nd(mutuals) follow forever. 

ps. if you’re not on here doesn’t mean i love your blog any less, here’s my blogroll for anyone i missed!! 

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2013 love con-Nino’s photo part 6 ( So love his solo- can’t waiting for the BD’s coming soon)


仁王立ち-Standing with one’s  hands on its waist.

Nino thought 仁王立ち”is a nice pose for it helps  a man  look manly.

GUTS! ’ promotion video  began with  “仁王立ち” pose .:3.